I’ve been a little MIA… what can I say. After Christmas and the New Year, getting back into the swing of “normal” daily life has been tough. You’d think with the slow down of job 2, I would feel better, have more energy. But instead, I feel like I’m dragging all the time! Anyway, onward and upward, right?

So today, I got an e-mail at work that had the following quote at the bottom.

Little things make the difference. Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the winners perfect the little things. ~Paul “Bear” Bryant

Yes, I’m spinning this back to running. You see, since I’ve added more runs to my week again, even though I’m keeping the mileage low, my foot has been bothering me again. I’m seriously at such a loss, I don’t even know how to proceed. I’ve been keeping up with strengthening and stretching. Foam rolling as much as possible. I don’t really want to take another break, but I also want to be sure I make it to and through my Half in June. I want to be back to where I was last August. Enjoying my runs… logging miles… without worry of pain or injury. I want to do this right.

I had decided after my knee fiasco I had to focus on strength training and cross training. I even joined the gym on New Year’s (haven’t been yet tho… shhhhh! maybe that’s part of my problem?). But seeing this quote just made me face a hard reality. Maybe I just haven’t been doing enough. Maybe I just need to do more.

So those little things… I’m going to work on perfecting those. I know I can get through a 9+ mile run. 13.2 isn’t that much farther, right? If I take the time to perfect those little things now, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be better off in the long run. Even if that means less time to focus on the actual run.

Wish me luck!

Moving On

Today is a fabulous day! Because I say so.


So yesterday, I went out on my lunch for a short run as I promised myself I would. It’s about the only time I have to run, so I brought running clothes to work, and managed 2 miles. My knee bothered me some, but I was able to run through it with some walking, but overall I was very happy.

So today, the Rock ‘n’ Roll race series is having a big sale. If you’re a runner type, you probably already know that! So what did you all sign up for? I’m already signed up for the Half in San Diego, but I really want to run Chicago also since I’m right here. I’m just not sure if I should run another half just a month after San Diego, or just go for the 10k. Of course, I know me, and if I sign up for the 10k I’m going to regret it. After all, it IS only 6 miles. 😀 So I think I’m going to go for the half… a month in between should be ok for me, as I have plenty of time to build back up my long runs. As long as I take it slow through this winter.

Also yesterday, I took my big math placement test for college. I tested into Pre-Calculus, which makes me very happy. I have 4 weeks to retake the test if I want to try for a better score to get into a higher level class. Part of me wants to just start with Pre-calc to give me more base and practice. However, those classes are not going to be as easily transferable, and since I plan to transfer for a bachelor’s at another institution, I’m thinking of shooting for a better score so I can jump in with Calculus, which will transfer more easily.

Regardless of what I decide on the math front, I can’t tell you how excited I am to start back to school. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the practice lessons I’ve been doing, and forgotten how much I love math. It just goes to show, follow your heart’s desire. I wanted to major in math way back when I graduated high school and I didn’t because I wasn’t sure where it could possibly take me. Now I know there are options out there. Part of me wishes I had the faith then that I do now, and had just taken that step. Better late than never!

So I’m moving on, and focusing on how I want to continue my life’s journey. Every step along the way gets us where we need to go. And I may not have any idea how this will all look in the end, but I have complete faith that it’ll be everything I could possibly hope for, and more.

If you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here. ~Paulo Coelho

Running for a Purpose

The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race. It’s to test the limits of the human heart.

Sometimes I can be a bit spontaneous. I tend to get a bug up my butt, so to speak, and jump at opportunities without much thought. I had been toying with the idea of training for something bigger. Working towards a larger goal than just 5k’s on the weekends. I wanted more, but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t think I had it in me to run a marathon. But with so many events offering half marathons now, I thought this would be perfect for me. I mean, let’s get real here. 13.1 sounds so much more doable than 26.2!

I have looked at lots of race options. RunDisney (so pricey), Rock ‘n Roll series, Vacation Races (run in/around national parks), and of course the ones local to me in Illinois, among various others. So back in June, I saw the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll race weekend had taken place, and they were offering an early registration discount to sign up for next year. Let me take you back a minute. Christmas 2013, after everything had been completed in court, I treated my daughter to a trip to San Diego. I had been planning a trip for some time, and everything just came together to make the trip that Christmas. We both fell in love, and had a blast! So when I saw that, I felt like it would be the perfect opportunity to get back there. That, and she has her sights set on California for college. So I decided we could go visit some schools, I could run my half, and we’d have a great excuse to return to San Diego.

Which brings me to this post. When I first started running, it was as a means to deal with everything going on. It was me time. Time to clear my head, and get rid of the frustrations in my life. So when I was signing up for the race, there was an option to sign up and fundraise for a charity. Because child abuse hits so close to home, and has significant ties to my own running, I decided to sign up to fundraise. There are so many organizations you can raise funds for, and so many different opportunities out there for runners. I figure if I’m going to run anyway, I would like to give it more meaning, than just my own personal triumph. So with that, I hope you will take a look at my fundraising page, and consider donating to the cause. Child abuse is much too prevalent in today’s society. And I would like to do anything I can to contribute to the cause of raising awareness. Thank you!

Half Marathon Fundraising to Prevent Child Abuse


When we were in San Diego that Christmas, I met up with a friend I know from online that lives there, and is also a photographer. She took some photos of us at the beach, and this is one of those photos. Thanks so much to Rebecca for giving us these memories!