{Day 3}

Lovely title, huh? So I’m not very creative in that aspect, what can I say! Writing has never been a strong point of mine, and coming up with catchy titles, especially when I’m committing to posting daily, well, it just isn’t gonna happen!

This week has been brutally hot! And when you don’t have air conditioning, well, let’s just say my computer and I have a new found friendship! {It’s in the basement, the only decently tolerable place in the house!} Which brings me to today’s photo. I spent all day yesterday getting caught up on some editing, had to run errands, and just plain old lost track of time. So I’m getting ready to go to yoga last night, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken out my camera yet! So, with that, I whipped it out and decided to photograph my son’s cat, sprawled out on the living room floor. I was actually hoping to find her in her usual position sprawled across the arm of the couch, but maybe that’ll be a photo for another day!


Yesterday was a good day! Albeit hot! I had my visit with the counselor, after missing last week due to Memorial Day. But that’s not the reason for this post title! I had just gone outside to eat my (late) breakfast in the shade of the back porch, when these two ducks came waddling into the side yard. They spent the entire day with me, moving about the yard. Here’s one of the photos I captured of them.

A Photo a Day to Keep the Summer Blues At Bay

I set up this blog a while ago, with the intentions of using it to promote my photography. I never did get around to learning how to blog and making use of it. Well, now’s the time! As many people know, I’m going through a pretty hard emotional time right now. Summer break for me started when school got out on Friday, May 27. However, I really didn’t consider it official until I had my first weekday home, without work to go to, on Tuesday, May 31. That weekend was brutally hard for me. And last week was definitely a trying time. I’m adjusting to a different life, that of one that doesn’t take me to work outside the home 3 hours a day, one that doesn’t have Summer swim team to occupy time every day of the Summer, one that isn’t giving me people to talk to daily. As a photographer, I do consider it therapeutic to take photos and edit them. So, at the urging of my husband, I am devoting some time every day to taking pictures. I couldn’t bring myself to start last week, but I need to jump in now! Maybe in time I will share a little bit of myself in the process as well. With that said, here is my first photo. This was actually taken yesterday. These flowers are growing in my flower garden off the back porch. I’m not good at gardening at all, and I have no idea what these even are! They were there when we bought the house, didn’t plant them, just try to keep the garden looking decent! Weeding, something I’ve always despised, but I’m actually finding enjoyable now too. Who knew?!