074Wow. Where do I begin? April 6, 2011. The day my life forever changed. Some day I may expand, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.

Since that day, I’ve spent a lot of time soul searching and finding myself. I found myself relying heavily on faith, as that was the one thing that helped me through all the times that I felt so out of control. I started running as a means to deal with the stress and pain. I stopped running when life got comfortable again. And I started again, when I finally realized that I have only myself to live for. After 4.5 years of ups and downs, trying new things, pushing my boundaries, I think I’ve finally found myself at a truly happy place.

If you are really bored, and find yourself reading back through my old posts, you’ll see that what I started as daily photo posts to get me through tough times, turned into so much more than that.

Here you’ll find posts on running, and my thoughts and constant battles about said activity. You’ll probably see some posts on my traveling excursions, if and when I can find the time and money to go. You’ll hear me talk about my weight loss and healthy life changes. And of course, general life, and all the battles I fight as I navigate the path for me.

The nuts and bolts of me… I’m Mom to two wonderful kids, have two older brothers, three dogs, divorced, and I love taking pictures and capturing the beauty of people. I’m a world traveler wannabe, and I’ll now add runner extraordinaire and part-time student. Oh, and sushi rocks!


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